Donald Trump requests another recount in Georgia

Donald Trump requests another recount in Georgia

In the US state of Georgia the votes have already been counted twice, both times with Joe Biden winning. Now the incumbent US President Trump wants another count obtain.

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After the narrow victory of his Democratic competitor Joe Biden in the presidential election in the US state of Georgia, incumbent President Donald Trump has requested a recount in the state. The corresponding application was submitted on Saturday, said his campaign team. His lawyers said this was to ensure that every legal vote was counted.

Previously, several lawsuits by Trump’s lawyers against the election results in Georgia – as in several other states – had failed in court. Trump had until Tuesday to request another recount. He was able to do this because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points.

After the second count, Biden’s lead shrank

Georgia had already checked the ballot papers herself. Then Biden’s lead over Trump shrank from around 14,000 to 12,670 votes. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp had confirmed the results on Friday afternoon. Biden won the votes of the state’s 16 electorate. Judge Steven Grimberg had dismissed a conservative attorney’s lawsuit on Friday evening (local time), with which he wanted to stop the authentication of the election result in Georgia.

Trump’s legal team explained the request for a recount by insisting on an “honest count,” which must include signature comparisons and other important protective measures. “Let’s stop giving wrong results to the people. There has to be a time when we stop counting illegal ballots. Hopefully it comes soon,” it said.

Biden is due to be sworn in on January 20th

Biden became the first Democrat to win in Georgia after Bill Clinton in 1992. Trump refuses to acknowledge his loss in the presidential election, claiming that victory was stolen by fraud.

State results are key to winning a presidential election. The head of state is not elected directly by the people, but by electorates who cast their votes according to the results in their state. According to calculations by the US media, the Democrat Biden has 306 electorates behind him, he needs 270 for the presidential election. Trump has 232 electorates. Biden is due to be sworn in as the new president on January 20th.

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