Donald Trump shares wrong number – 28-year-old receives thousands of calls


Donald Trump continues to sow doubts about the election result. Now a completely uninvolved person is being attacked by Trump supporters because the current president has given a wrong phone number.

On Sunday, Donald Trump’s team called on supporters on Facebook and Twitter to protest at two Michigan MPs against recognition of the election in the state – which Joe Biden won by more than 150,000 votes over Trump. However, there is no evidence of any kind of electoral irregularity in Michigan.

A phone number, allegedly that of Republican politician Lee Chatfield, was also released during the questionable operation. Trump immediately shared the call on his Twitter account. The problem with this: The number posted does not belong to Lee Chatfield, who is incorrectly referred to in the tweet by Team Trump as the current speaker of the House of Representatives in Michigan – but he no longer is. The published number belongs to the 28-year-old O Rose, who was born in Michigan but now lives in California and has nothing to do with the politician Chatfield.

“It’s crazy, completely crazy”

Rose’s mobile phone has been ringing continuously since Sunday noon. Rose has received thousands of calls and messages – mostly angry ones. “I was scared,” said Rose, adding, “My phone can’t take it anymore – it breaks. I’ve got so many calls that it was impossible to do anything with it. People call me from every single state . It’s crazy, completely crazy, “said Rose in an interview.

(Quelle: Screenshot Twitter-Account Team Trump)

When Rose told callers that he wasn’t Chatfield the politician, most didn’t believe him. Rose tried to send funny and absurd replies to the text messages, but that didn’t help either.

The post could still be found on the Twitter account of Trump’s team with the wrong phone number. Rose now has to get a new phone number and is really mad at Trump: “I am personally affected that Trump made a decision without checking the facts. This is the stupidest thing that has ever happened to me. I hate it . “

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