Donald Trump surprisingly turned up among supporters in Florida


On Presidents Day, of all places: Donald Trump was in Florida in front of his supporters. They were demonstrating against the electoral defeat of the former US president.

Since the end of his presidency, the elected incumbent Donald Trump has hardly been seen. Now he showed himself to the public again – and that on “Presidents Day” of all places. On the holiday, the United States commemorates the first President of the United States, George Washington.

Supporters of Donald Trump in Florida used the day to demonstrate. “Trump won” was on signs or: “Trump 2024”. That year, Trump can run for president again.

Supporters of Donald Trump demonstrated on Monday in West Palm Beach: Presidents Day falls on the third Monday in February every year. (Source: Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

The crowd got really euphoric when suddenly black SUVs drove down the street. In one of the cars: Donald Trump, who in a white polo shirt and cap looked like he’d come straight from the golf course. The video of a local station from CBS News shows his supporters chanting “USA” and following the car with USA flags. Policemen try to hold people back.

Donald Trump has been in Florida since he left office at the end of January. There he owns the luxurious Mar-a-Lago property, including a golf course. At the end of January he opened an office in his adopted home Florida, which is supposed to take care of the continuation of his political agenda. According to reports, he is considering starting his own party.

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