Donald Trump thinks Angela Merkel is his supporter

Donald Trump thinks Angela Merkel is his supporter

Former US President Trump is sticking to his thesis of electoral fraud – and apparently believes that leading European politicians support him. This is now reported by the reveal author Michael Wolff.

Former US President Donald Trump believes he has found a supporter of his thesis on electoral fraud in Chancellor Angela Merkel. As the American investigative author Michael Wolff told the “Spiegel”, his advisors told him this in order to “bring him good news” after the election defeat last year.

As a Republican presidential candidate, Trump lost the 2020 election to his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Since then, he and his supporters have been claiming – without providing any substantiated evidence – that the election was fraudulent and that he was wrong to lose.

“Angela, she really is a big fan”

Author Wolff interviewed Trump after his defeat for his new book, Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency, due out next week. In “Spiegel” he now reports in advance about the interview: He had spoken to Trump about Merkel because he suspected that he would say “terrible things” about her. “Angela, she’s really a big fan,” the ex-president told him enthusiastically instead. Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were on his side when he denied the 2020 election result, Trump had boasted to him.

This claim was made up by Trump’s advisors, however, Wolff told the “Spiegel”. Trump, on the other hand, still believes it today – with consequences for America: “It is dangerous because he is insane, lives in a completely different reality and still manages to drag a good part of the country with him.”

Wolff also reported that, according to his research, Trump was largely isolated internally immediately after the election. “Not a single person in the White House, in his campaign team and in his family” took his tirades more seriously. “Nobody around him believed that he had won the election. Nobody believed that the outcome of the election could be changed.” Trump still does not recognize his own role in the storming of his supporters on the Capitol on January 6, said Wolff. Trump had disparagingly called the Capitol strikers “the great unwashed” ones.

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