Donald Trump’s blockade could lead to more corona deaths

Donald Trump’s blockade could lead to more corona deaths

The corona crisis is escalating in the USA. President-elect Biden wants to contain the pandemic as soon as he takes office. He prepares the Americans for a “dark winter”.

The coronavirus is not taking a break because of the US election, on the contrary. President-elect Joe Biden is now increasing the pressure on incumbent Donald Trump: because of his refusal to hand over the business of government, even more people threaten to die after a corona infection, Biden warned. For example, his team must have access to the plans that show how more than 300 million Americans should be vaccinated, he said on Monday (local time) in his hometown of Wilmington. “This is a huge, huge undertaking,” he said.

The Democrat and former vice president warned: “If we don’t vote, more people could die.” If his team had to wait until the inauguration on January 20 to prepare, it would delay all of this by a month or a month and a half. That is why it is important that the vote takes place now or “as soon as possible”. Typically, the US handover process begins immediately after a new president is elected.

Republican Trump, however, refuses to recognize the Democrat’s election victory. His government has therefore not yet initiated the legally stipulated “transition”. This would give Biden and his team access to ministries, authorities and confidential information of the government and secret services before they took office. The transition period from election to swearing-in is more than two months.

Terrifying corona numbers in the USA

The virus is meanwhile continuing its march across the country: On average, more than 140,000 confirmed new infections and around 1,000 deaths were recently reported daily. According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, 11.2 million infections and more than 247,000 Covid deaths have been reported in the country of 330 million people since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We are going into a very dark winter,” said Biden. “It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.” Employer and employee representatives have indicated their willingness to work together to stimulate the economy again. However, the pandemic must first be brought under control. Biden called on Congress to pass another aid package as soon as possible. Negotiations have not made progress there for weeks.

Biden was cautiously optimistic that Trump would give in sooner or later. “I hope the president will be a little more clairvoyant before January 20th.” He added that Trump’s stance on the blockade was less of an obstacle to his start in office than it was “embarrassing” for the country. Meanwhile, Trump wrote on Twitter that EU countries “are sadly being blown away by the virus”. The ‘fake news’ does not like to report about this, “wrote Trump.

Trump will Neuauszählung in Wisconsin

Biden was declared the winner by US media on November 7th – four days after the election. However, Trump speaks of electoral fraud without providing any evidence. He and the Republicans have filed several lawsuits. Trump’s government justifies the delay in the handover with the pending proceedings. The lawsuits have so far been largely unsuccessful – none of them should be able to overturn the overall election result.

Trump also wants a recount of all votes in Wisconsin. He would have to pay for this himself because of Biden’s solid lead: That would cost around 7.9 million dollars (6.7 million euros), as the head of the electoral authority, Meagan Wolfe, explained. So far, however, there has been no request for a recount. Further outstanding final results are expected by Tuesday, so the recount must therefore be requested and paid for in advance by Wednesday, Wolfe added. In the northern state, Joe Biden prevailed over Trump by a narrow margin of 20,470 votes, or 0.62 percent. The cost of a recount would only be borne by the state if the lead was less than 0.25 percent.

State expense count in Georgia

Should Trump apply for the recount as announced, his chances of winning the state would be negligible. A recount of the votes after the 2016 election had only found a deviation of 131 votes. Trump’s campaign team had announced that they would seek a recount. The Republicans have since been vigorously soliciting donations to cover the cost of the legal aftermath of the election, so they could probably finance lawsuits and recounts.

In the southern state of Georgia, where Biden won very narrowly, the votes are currently being re-counted at state expense.

Wisconsin has ten voters in the presidential election, Georgia 16. According to the results so far, Biden leads nationwide with 306 to 232 votes. He needs at least 270 votes to win. The electoral college will vote on December 14th.

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