Donald Trump’s end has begun


Donald Trump’s administration is preparing new President Joe Biden for his job. Trump does not want this to be understood as an admission of his defeat. He’s working on his legend.

Donald Trump has not tweeted in 18 hours at 6:16 p.m. Washington time writing what many in the US and the world have been waiting for for two weeks. Or at least something like that.

In the “best interests of the country,” he recommends that GSA boss Emily Murphy “do what needs to be done,” writes Trump. He told his team to do the same. It is Trump’s most cryptic way of recognizing that Joe Biden will be in the White House from January 20th.

No admission of defeat, but almost more important

It is of course not an open admission of his defeat that Trump has published there. On the contrary. He writes that his campaign against the election result will continue vigorously. “We will keep fighting the good fight and I think we will prevail!”

But there will probably not be much more admission from Trump. His unsubstantiated allegations that his election was stolen should continue even after Joe Biden is president. And yet the step is crucial. Because he initiates the so-called transition, the orderly handover to the elected President Joe Biden.

The GSA administrative authority is responsible for starting the transition. It is actually a purely formal act. The “obvious winner” of the election will be given important resources even before he even enters the White House. Simply so that he can get used to it. It’s about things like e-mail addresses, but also access to government buildings, administration employees, offices and, last but not least, a lot of money.

“Dangerous and abnormal”

Murphy had so far refused to sign the necessary letter. She has now done that. The GSA boss justified her hesitation in the letter with the fact that there were still recounts and complaints. Strictly speaking, they still exist now. And they won’t be stopped by this formal move by the GSA either. If major fraud was found somewhere, the whole transfer of power could be canceled without any problems.

Critics have pointed this out again and again. Even several Republicans cautiously drew attention to this in the past few days. Obama adviser Ben Rhodes noted on Twitter that the 2016 vote was much closer in some states – and that the transition still started one day after the election. “Never forget how dangerous and abnormal it all was.”

Murphy is considered a loyal Republican, she was installed by Trump three years ago. In her letter, however, she insists that she did not delay the decision out of fear of the president or a preference for another Trump term in office. Instead, Murphy complains that there are no clear rules and standards for the decision. And she contradicts the president.

The supposedly strong man

Because while Trump claims on Twitter that he recommended Murphy to begin the transition, the GSA boss herself writes that there was never any direct or indirect pressure from the administration or the White House regarding the timing and decision.

Only one thing can be right. Maybe both are wrong.

Donald Trump’s claim is about continuing to determine his fate – or at least pretending to be. He’s working on his legend. His fight against the election slips away from him more and more. One lawsuit after the other fails, the last one being important in Pennsylvania. US media reports that the president is increasingly dissatisfied with the way his infamous lawyer Rudy Giuliani is doing his job.

And despite all of Trump’s attempts to prevent the Michigan election result from being confirmed, the non-partisan body did exactly that on Monday afternoon: It certified the result. Trump is running out of chances of a miracle.

Biden can get started

The New York Times claims to have learned that several advisors acted on Trump on Monday morning, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Trump’s personal lawyer Jay Sekulow. Trump does not have to admit his defeat, but the transition must begin, they are supposed to have argued. Because the process is so important.

Joe Biden won’t care how the decision came about at first. It is important for him and his team that they exist now. $ 6.3 million has been released for the seamless transition. Biden receives critical intelligence from the intelligence community and his team is officially allowed to speak to government officials. About how the coronavirus vaccine can best be distributed. A daunting task.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump published another tweet late Monday evening. It includes a video from one of his favorite presenters on Fox News, Tucker Carlson. The subject: the allegedly rigged election.

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