Donald Trump’s former personal doctor is dead


Shortly before Donald Trump was elected US President, he had to undergo a health exam. At that time, his personal doctor only attested him the best. Harold Bornstein has now died.

According to a media report, the former personal doctor of the outgoing US President Donald Trump is dead. Harold Bornstein died last Friday at the age of 73, reported the New York Times. The newspaper did not provide any information on the cause of death.

He declared Trump the “healthiest person”

The gastroenterologist was Trump’s personal physician from 1980 to 2017. In December 2015 – almost a year before Trump’s election as US president – he certified the real estate mogul that he was “the healthiest person who would ever be elected to the presidency”. In 2018, however, Bornstein told CNN that he did not write the letter about Trump’s supposedly excellent health himself. Instead, Trump “dictated” the letter to him.

Bornstein had hoped to follow Trump into the White House. But a statement to the “New York Times” that he had prescribed the real estate mogul a hair restorer for years, probably dashed his hopes. Shortly after Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Trump employees searched his practice and took the patient file with them, according to Bornstein.

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