Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani embarrasses himself with a star witness in court


The American states are still concerned with President Trump’s election fraud allegations. At a hearing in Michigan, the testimony of a witness sparked wild speculation.

Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is still trying to prove an alleged fraud in the vote counting for the US presidential election. He wants to convince the parliaments in the individual states to ignore the victory of Joe Biden and instead compile a list of voters who will elect Donald Trump as president on December 14th.

At a hearing in Michigan, an embarrassing moment has come for Giuliani than his Witness Melissa Carone testified. She claims to have worked for the Dominion voting machine company. However, it is not considered credible.

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“I know what I saw. I signed something that if I said something went wrong I could go to jail. You too?” Carone said before a committee of the Michigan House of Representatives. She also stated that the votes received, which were registered via Dominion, were wrong with a difference of 100,000 votes. So far there is no proof of this. Rudy Giuliani had to admonish his witness several times. Videos from the hearing show how he squirms in discomfort, he shakes his head several times when Carone testifies and even provokes a laugh in the audience with confused statements.

When a Republican MP points out obvious errors in her testimony, Carone can suddenly no longer contain himself. She verbally abuses the electoral officers and repeatedly affirms that the vote was cheated.

The witness’s appearance on Twitter has already sparked a lot of speculation. Some suspect she had previously drunk alcohol, others even believe that she was an actress on the comedy show “Saturday Night Life”.

The president has still not admitted defeat in the November 3rd election. Trump and Giuliani speak of massive election fraud without evidence. Electoral officials and experts firmly reject the allegations, the Trump camp has crashed with numerous lawsuits.

Trump wants to delay certification of election results

Trump also tried to delay the certification of election results in key states that he lost to Biden – but to no avail. Before Arizona and Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, among others, had certified their respective election results. This is an important formal step following the election.

The country’s 538 electorate will vote on the future president on December 14th. Joe Biden secured 306 voters in the election, and he needed at least 270 voters to win. The former vice president is due to be sworn in as the 46th president in US history on January 20.

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