Donald Trump’s “most important speech”: a festival of untruths


Donald Trump wanted to present the alleged fraud in the US election in a speech. But he only delivered supposed inconsistencies. His claims and the facts.

Donald Trump doesn’t give up. That is the one message of which there is no doubt after his 46-minute presentation. The President recorded a speech at the White House and posted it on social media Wednesday afternoon (local time).

These are Trump’s most detailed statements since the election a month ago. It is once again about his allegations of fraud when counting the ballots.

The incumbent US President begins it with these words: “This is perhaps the most important speech I have ever given.” Trump calls the election a “total catastrophe”. It was “statistically impossible” that he had lost and he would only accept an “accurate election result”.

You can see excerpts from the speech in the video or above here.

The setbacks for Trump

The talk is his attempt to go on the offensive again. On Tuesday, Justice Minister William Barr, who was always loyal to Trump, had to admit that he had not encountered any large-scale fraud in the election. Previously, dozens of lawsuits filed by Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani had petered out – and several recounts in various states had only confirmed rather than changed results.

Does Trump now have something new to offer? No, when appearing behind the presidential desk, the election campaigner primarily repeats long-known and at the same time either unproven or even completely refuted allegations about the course of the election. His speech is permeated with distortions and untruths.

t-online corrects three central claims:

Trump sagt …

… about the vote in Wisconsin: “And then at 3:42 in the morning there was this: It was a massive drop in votes. Especially for Biden. Almost everything for Biden. And to this day everyone wonders where that came from.”

And the facts:

The “dropping of votes” has long been cleared up. At that moment on election night, the count of postal votes in the capital, Milwaukee, was terminated and reported. The electoral law there did not allow the votes to be counted until election day itself, which is why it took so long. Biden was ahead in Milwaukee, as in other cities, and particularly in postal votes that Trump had advised his supporters not to cast for months.

Trump sagt …

… about Pennsylvania: “In the districts of Philadelphia and Alliegeny (to which the metropolis of Pittsburgh belongs, editor’s note) Large numbers of postal votes were illegally evaluated in secret, without our election observers being present. (…) You were thrown out of the building. “

And the facts:

Nowhere in Philadelphia have there been any incidents where Republicans could not watch the count, according to the AP news agency. Disputes revolved primarily around the question of how close they can get to the election officials. The Philadelphia count was broadcast live. In a court case, Trump’s lawyers had to admit that their own side had observers in the room.

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Trump sagt …

… on the voting software of the manufacturer Dominion: “We have a company that is very suspicious. It’s called Dominion. With the flick of a switch (…) you can press a button for Trump and the vote falls on Biden. (…) We have to go back to paper. “

And the facts:

In the embattled state of Georgia, the first manual recount of the ballot papers produced a result very similar to that of the Dominion scanners. The company’s servers are on site in the polling stations and not, as Trump claims, in Germany or Venezuela. The authorities responsible for election security in Trump’s own government had already made it clear in a joint statement: “There is no evidence that any electoral system has deleted or lost or changed votes and was otherwise compromised.”

Indeed, there were occasional glitches in the election, but there is still no evidence of Trump’s alleged fraud.

Trump announced that he no longer wanted to just ask for recounts, but rather a “forensic” examination of postal voting envelopes in order to check signatures. He held out the prospect of a passage to the Supreme Court. But Trump will not be successful with this as long as he only warms up allegations that have long been refuted.

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