Donald Trump’s new speech deleted from Youtube

Donald Trump’s new speech deleted from Youtube

A recent speech given by Donald Trump in the state of North Carolina has been deleted from the video platform YouTube. Apparently because the content violates community guidelines.

As soon as Donald Trump appears again in public, he is apparently violating the guidelines of the large digital companies again. After the regional Fox News subsidiary Fox Carolina News published Trump’s speech from last weekend in North Carolina on its YouTube channel, the video has suddenly disappeared.

The only thing left to read is: “This video has been removed because it violates the YouTube community guidelines.” It is currently not known whether the content was deleted due to user complaints. There is currently no comment from YouTube itself.

Deleted Trump speech (Source: Screenshot Youtube)

Trump had repeatedly spoken of the “stolen election” in his speech to his Republican supporters, as t-online had reported. The 2020 presidential election would go down in history as the “crime of the century,” Trump said. Trump said he would not undermine American democracy. “I’m the one trying to save her.”

None of the major US broadcasters had broadcast Trump’s first public appearance in a long time. Only excerpts and their classification were published. “Fox Carolina News”, on the other hand, published Trump’s speech uncut and without comment on its own YouTube channel. It is now deleted. However, users have already uploaded the speech to non-official channels so that it can still be found.

Statements by the former US president were repeatedly deleted in the social networks Facebook and Twitter or provided with classifying warnings if Trump himself had published false facts. Finally, his private Twitter and Facebook accounts were completely blocked in the wake of the storming of the Capitol on January 6 of this year. Facebook recently announced that the company would block Trump’s account for a maximum of two years. They would only activate it if it no longer violated the guidelines.

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