“Don’t you dare”: Kate Winslet won’t let anyone touch her stomach

“Don’t you dare”: Kate Winslet won’t let anyone touch her stomach

“Do not you dare”

Kate Winslet doesn’t let anyone touch her stomach

With heart and mind, Kate Winslet fights against unnatural ideals of beauty. This can sometimes lead to conflicts during filming. For example, when their appearance needs to be helped artificially. Like now with the series “Mare of Easttown”.

Actress Kate Winslet is now 45 and stands by her body without any ifs or buts. During the filming of the acclaimed crime series “Mare of Easttown”, for example, she insisted that her body should not be retouched. Winslet revealed this in an interview with the “New York Times”.

Accordingly, director Craig Zobel wanted to work on Winslet’s stomach in a sex scene with Guy Pearce. The actress Mare Sheehan did not allow that to happen. “Don’t you dare,” Winslet told the director instead.

“Kate, you can’t …”

Winslet has been campaigning for a long time with her own body and face against unattainable ideals of beauty for women. Among other things, she can be contractually assured that pictures that she show in women’s magazines will not be processed.

A poster to promote the HBO series also made her go back twice because it was overworked for her. “They said something like ‘Kate, seriously, you can’t …’ and I said, ‘Guys, I know how many wrinkles I have next to my eye, please put them back there.'”

Series role without filter

In “Mare of Easttown” Winslet plays a middle-aged small town policewoman who is supposed to solve a murder and has to face her own past in the process. Your figure should look natural – and anything but fancy. The crew is said to have used extra lighting that makes Winslet’s skin look pale. In addition, she should have tried to find unfavorable clothes for the main character.

For the actress, that’s one of the reasons “why people feel so attached to this character”. You play a functional, but also faulty woman – without a filter: “I think we were starving for that.”

Born in 1975, Winslet began her film and television career as a teenager. She became world famous in 1997 for her role in “Titanic” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. In 2009 she was awarded the Oscar for best leading actress in “The Reader”.

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