doppelganger of Emma Watson showed off in the image of Hermione


Didn’t know about the existence of “Harry Potter” until they started calling her Hermione.

The double of the actress who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films is so similar to the “original” Emma Watson that even her own mother is struggling to distinguish the girls in the photographs. This was announced to the subscribers by the imitator of the star, 31-year-old Cary Lewis from Zionsville (Indiana). The girl was discovered on the network back in 2001, when she was first compared to Emma after the release of the first Harry Potter film.

Carey has a main job: she is a teacher’s assistant. The extra profit comes to her when she portrays Hermione Granger and Watson’s heroine Belle from the painting “Beauty and the Beast” on her Instagram page. Regarding his resemblance to the famous actress, Lewis says: “My mom says that she really sees that we are similar. Sometimes she looks at a photo of Emma Watson and thinks it’s me. When I worked in a restaurant, I constantly received comments from customers who couldn’t believe the similarities. It’s nice to see their reaction. “

According to the Watson lookalike, she hadn’t seen a single Harry Potter movie when she was first compared to an actress. She came to the post office, where one of the eyewitnesses told her that he saw Hermione in her. “I had never heard of this name, so I went home and researched it and realized that I really looked like her. I began to get seriously involved in films and books, became a big fan of Harry Potter, ”said Lewis. Now the doppelganger of Emma has more than 32 thousand fans on the social network, who positively assess the posts in which Carey dresses up as Hermione Granger and portrays her.

Photo source: Instagram @kariellex

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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