Drew Barrymore spoke about the problems in his personal life


The actress met “big, powerful men” on the Internet, but never met any of them.

Drew Barrymore admitted that she is trying to arrange her love life with dating apps. She told stand-up comedian Nikki Glazer about this.

The star remembered how she once signed up for a date with one guy, but he left her when they were supposed to meet.

“And I’m like, ‘Couldn’t you have been the same idiot an hour ago?’ It would be such a time saver, ”Drew shared her bad experience with humor.

She also revealed that she was registered on a celebrity dating app where she dated “big, powerful men,” but she never went on any dates with them.

Glazer tried to calm Barrymore down by saying that all potential fans are simply afraid to date her because of her popularity. And Drew admitted that she developed complexes about her own body when she compared herself to other women in applications. But then the star decided that there was no need to worry so much, because she gave birth to two children, this is her body and she will continue to “work with what she has.”

“You know what, to hell with this. I love these women in Victoria’s Secret campaigns. I love these women in this application, and I’m not going to compare myself with them, ”the actress said.

We will remind, Drew Barrymore broke up with ex-husband Will Kopelman in 2016. She is raising two daughters: six-year-old Frankie and eight-year-old Olive. Drew is trying to become the best mother on the planet for them, she is ready to sacrifice her own career and brings up girls in love for themselves, independence from social networks and constant comparisons.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Marina Bogdanova

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