Drew Barrymore started a public flirtation with DiCaprio

Drew Barrymore started a public flirtation with DiCaprio

Drew Barrymore gave the actor a playful compliment.

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been using social media for years to cover important political and public issues.

Recently Leonardo once again raised the issue of global warming, sharing UN data on climate change.

Among the numerous commentators, actress Drew Barrymore stood out, who not only thanked her colleague for her concern, but also allowed herself a slight flirtation.

“Thank you for always being a pioneer in saving our Earth,” Drew wrote, but did not stop there, but continued in the following comment: “Only you have to be hot, not our planet.”

The actress’s playful messages immediately attracted a lot of attention. DiCaprio’s subscribers were divided into two camps. Some considered Barrymore’s behavior inappropriate when discussing serious issues, while others supported her.

Drew Barrymore started a public flirtation with DiCaprio

“He only met with models half of his life, but I’m sure Leonardo should make an exception this time,” – said one of the followers.

Both celebrities are known for their many whirlwind romances. But if none of the beauties-models did not go down the aisle with DiCaprio, then Barrymore was married three times.

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