Dwayne Johnson helped a single father for Christmas


Duynta-Klaus took care of the gifts for the children.

Actor and former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to help widowed father of two Jay Abel take care of Christmas presents. The 48-year-old artist contacted the young father after hearing about him from John Krasinski, who hosts his own YouTube program. The story of a single father struck the actor, it turned out that Abel, who had lost his wife, was trying to sell things dear to his heart (a collection of comics) in order to provide holiday gifts for AJ’s 11-year-old son and Eliza’s 8-year-old daughter. Due to the pandemic, Jay had problems with work, so he decided to take this desperate step.

When Krasinski put his single father on the air on a special broadcast and offered to buy his entire collection from him at once, Abel thought that a fraudster was talking to him, and hastened to refuse. The show members later laughed at this. Then a third interlocutor in a Santa Claus costume intervened on the air, it turned out to be the Hollywood actor Johnson. He said, “I don’t want you to sell things on eBay because Dwyantha-Klaus will take care of everything!”

Krasinski and Skala raised a couple of $ 5 million specifically for several families in dire financial straits due to the pandemic so that they could happily celebrate Christmas. Jay Abel was among the lucky ones, as his children will be sent gifts – toys from a well-known company. Also on his own behalf, Dwayne Johnson invited the family of a single father to the future shooting of the Black Adam movie comic strip, when the quarantine measures will be relaxed.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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