Dwayne Johnson thanked a friend who supported him in his youth


The actor made a gift worth 100 thousand dollars.

Dwayne Johnson hasn’t always been one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. At the dawn of his career, Johnson had times when he had nowhere to live, and the money was barely enough to make ends meet. It was during one of the difficult periods that Dwayne met the man who gave him shelter and became the best friend for life. A guy named Bruno rescued young Johnson several times, and now the actor, who is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest fees in the history of cinema, decided to thank him.

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Duane did not skimp on a gift – he chose a black Ford pickup for his friend, the cost of which can reach 9 million rubles, depending on the configuration. For Bruno, the surprise came as a complete surprise. The man was so surprised that he tore off his protective mask and could not hold back his tears. “My friend, I am grateful to you,” he managed to say. “I love you. It doesn’t matter if you give me a car or not. I appreciate you just for the kind of person you are, ”Bruno was very touched by the gift.

“Your kindness and big heart helped change the trajectory of my life,” Dwayne wrote to Bruno on his Instagram page, hinting that his dizzying career might not have happened if he had not met Bruno in his youth.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Anastasia Khapova

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