Dwayne Johnson’s youngest daughter charmed fans with her father’s care


She closed her eyes, “cleaned my muscles” and captivated the fans.

Recently on the Instagram page of famous wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, new footage appeared in which he plays with his youngest daughter Tiana, who is now two and a half years old. On Sunday, January 10, 48-year-old Dwayne, famous for the sporting name “Rock”, shared a short video where his youngest heiress gives the actor a toy kitten to “snuggle with dad,” carefully puts a sleep mask on his father, and then ” cleans bacteria from muscles, “trying to erase Dwayne’s bicep tattoo with a small toy.

In the process, the father and daughter discuss the procedures. When Tiana pulled an orange mask over Johnson’s face with some difficulty, the artist said: “It will be perfect. How long will I sit like this [с закрытыми глазами]? ” To this, his youngest heiress replied that it was necessary to “be like this” for 20 minutes, while she counted as much as she could – a few seconds. Fans were captivated by the captured moments. In the comments they wrote: “She is so cute!”, “When you meet, it is mesmerizing.”

In the description, Dwayne admitted that he adores such moments, especially in these difficult times, when you can stop, get distracted from work: “At such moments, time always slows down, and I use it. Things will wait. ” In addition to Tiana, another daughter, Jasmine, who is now nine years old, is growing in a stellar family. The children appeared in a happy marriage with Lauren Hashian. Johnson also has an eldest heiress – 19-year-old Simone.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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