E-division called “Voltwagen” ?: VW irritates with new US brand name


E-division called “Voltwagen”?
VW irritates with a new US brand name

Volkswagen has jumped on the Tesla bandwagon and wants to lead the market for electric cars in four years. In the USA, however, the company’s own models should not operate under the well-known VW logo, but rather bear a new name. It is unclear whether the plans are more than a premature April Fool’s joke.

Bad PR gag or serious plan? According to the American media, Volkswagen wants to give its US electrical division a new name. Volkswagen is supposed to become “Voltwagen”.

VW advantages 240,55

As reported by CNBC and “USA Today”, among others, Volkswagen USA inadvertently published a press release on its website on Monday announcing the renaming of the electrical division. However, the text disappeared again after a short time. The US media concluded that the statement was dated April 29, 2021 and was apparently published a month too early.

VW has not yet been available for media inquiries, which fueled speculation. A company employee who is familiar with the process has confirmed the plans to the US media according to his own statements. At the same time, the British offshoot Volkswagen UK named its used for e-mobility topics Twitterkanal in “Voltswagen” a.

The German press agency still considers the reports to be untrustworthy. According to her own research, she assumes that it is an April Fool’s joke. It is unclear whether and to what extent the US media were involved.

Change to an e-pioneer

Volt is the unit of electronic voltage. It was named in 1897 after the Italian physicist Allesandro Volta.

According to the press release allegedly published involuntarily, the name change should come into effect in May. Accordingly, a “Voltwagen” badge should adorn all electrified models. Gasoline engines should only carry the well-known VW logo. The “Voltwagen” badge is also to be given a new, lighter shade of blue for better deposition.

VW had recently loudly committed to a change from combustion to e-mobility. In the race with the electric pioneer Tesla, the group wants to deliver a million electric cars worldwide this year and lead the market in four years. To this end, the car manufacturer plans to invest 46 billion euros in electromobility over the next five years. On the stock exchange, the mere announcements had caused the share price to explode. It is possible that the “Voltwagen” gag is also aimed at this.

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