Ed Sheeran bought real estate for five billion rubles

Ed Sheeran bought real estate for five billion rubles

The musician has already spent a third of all his funds on the construction of Sheranville.

It became known that 30-year-old British singer and composer Ed Sheeran bought real estate for more than 57 million pounds in 2020, which is over five billion rubles.

Ed lives in the village of Framlingham, Suffolk, England. However, the locals have long nicknamed her “Sheeranville”. The fact is that the singer built personal bars, pizzerias and barbecue areas around his mansion.

At the same time, Ed Sheeran’s earnings throughout his career are estimated at about 150 million pounds. This means that he has already spent almost a third of the money on construction. But it seems that the artist is not going to stop.

He bought his first house for four million pounds. With this money, he owned a whole small lake, as well as a modest tree house.

We have already talked about the fact that Sheeran managed to build a chapel next to his estate. Apparently to atone for sins. And there are also many entertainment venues, so as not to get bored.

In addition, the Daily Star journalists found 27 real estate properties around the world, including private guest houses, apartments and VIP-cottages.

The new pop king of Great Britain himself lives in a historical building of the 16th century, which is included in the list of the country’s architectural heritage. The musician also did not skimp on the restoration of the mansion – the cost of restoration work was about 20 million pounds.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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