Ed Sheeran spent 14 days in quarantine on the estate with Julia Roberts


An insider says that the actress and musician decided to save money by renting a place to wait out the quarantine in Australia together.

Ed Sheeran recently left for Australia with his family, where he had a number of performances planned. At the same time, Julia Roberts went to Australia, who is now filming Gaslit with Sean Penn. A source from the Sydney Morning Herald said the stars had to wait out a 14-day quarantine. To save money, they decided to jointly rent a luxury estate on the banks of the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, which costs $ 6,000 a night. In addition to the rental costs, Roberts and Sheeran, the source said, also hired security together, which cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

An insider claims that only six people entered the house on March 6, including Ed, his wife Cherry Seaborn, their daughter, Julia Roberts and two other guests. The house, according to the informant, has five bedrooms and a luxurious pool overlooking the local natural beauty.

However, the representative of Sheeran, as noted by the Daily Mail, did not confirm this information.

After waiting out the quarantine, Ed performed at a concert in memory of Michael Goodinski, a Melbourne businessman who was a leading figure in the Australian music industry. He passed away on March 2.

The British singer performed the hit Castle On The Hill, one of the late Michael’s favorite songs, as well as his new song Visiting Hours, during which he could not hold back his tears.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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