Eddie Hearn – on Jake Pole: “He’s gonna get knocked out eventually”


Matchroom Boxing head Eddie Hearn predicts that popular YouTuber Jake Paul (2-0, 2 KOs) will only be successful in the ring with a certain amount of opposition.

“Someday this guy will be knocked out, and looking at it, you will be delighted,” – said Hearn. “But a fight in which something like that happens will be a big fight. You see, when he makes this leap, starting to consider himself a real fighter, he will say:“ You know what? I’m ready, give me a professional fighter as an opponent. “

Then it will be rolled out. He said he wanted to make KSI look like a meme or something. That’s when he becomes a meme himself. He has no experience. He’s definitely better than some fighters I’ve seen. But when he steps into the ring against a real boxer, he will be beaten.

This will definitely happen, although I am not saying that he does not know how to fight, because I saw him spar and I know he likes it. The main danger for Jake Paul lies in his belief that he is a real fighter. Whereas only those people who have devoted their lives to this sport and have gone through many difficult rounds can call themselves so.

Before us is the guy who ran into the light, made money and thinks that he can fight. But I’ll say this – I wish him the best of luck. “

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