Eddie Hearn on Khan vs. Brook: “It’s still a very competitive and intriguing fight.”


The head of Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn, is still very interested in organizing the fight between Kell Brook and Amir Khan, despite the fact that this confrontation is no longer causing the excitement that several years ago.

“Yes, this fight is not as loud as it once was, but I would like to see it anyway,” Hearn told Sky Sports. – “I already spoke with Amir and Kell and we will have to face it. This is still a very competitive and intriguing fight. This is not a fight that we have to organize as quickly as possible. But if we sit down calmly and we succeed, then I will be glad to see this fight.

Khan was interviewed in which he said: “I would love to knock out Brook.” And I thought, “I wish you would have said that three years ago.” Khan has not boxed for a long time, in his last fight he was defeated by Crawford, as well as Brooke. So we already have a definite history. Let’s see if we can close the deal. “

It’s worth noting that Hearn is slightly wrong, as Khan last entered the ring in July 2019, easily defeating Billy Deeb, who accepted the fight on short notice.

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