Eddie Hearn thinks Devin Haney is ready to fight Teofimo Lopez

Eddie Hearn thinks Devin Haney is ready to fight Teofimo Lopez

Eddie Hearn, promoter of the WBC lightweight champion of the American Devin Haney, commented on the performance of his ward in a fight with Venezuelan Jorge Linares. Despite the fact that Devin did not look confident in this fight, Hearn believes that Haney is already ready to face the undisputed world champion in his weight class, American Teofimo Lopez.

“In nine rounds of this fight, Devin gave a master class to his opponent, but after the tenth he had to recover, but this is an amazing experience for him. Don’t forget that Devin fought the very guy who knocked down Vasily Lomachenko. Linares can hit very hard.

Show me another 22-year-old who is as talented as Devin Haney. It was a big win, he got a lot of experience and I think that now Devin is ready for big fights in his weight class. I think now he has to fight Teofimo Lopez, ”Hearn said.

Recall that Haney and Linares fought on May 29th at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Devin won by unanimous decision.

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