Eddie Hearn worries about Devin Haney in the fight with Linares

Eddie Hearn worries about Devin Haney in the fight with Linares

Matchroom Boxing head Eddie Hearn shared his expectations for the title fight between Devin Haney and Jorge Linares.

“I am incredibly excited about Saturday’s fight, because I will be honest with you, each of our previous fight with Devin did not cause me such anxiety. But here I am really worried, and this is good news, because it means that we will have a real fight”, Hearn said.

“Jorge is just an incredible fighter. Great footwork, good hand speed and an outstanding boxing IQ. It’s a really amazing fight. A very, very good fight.

It was incredibly difficult for us to find a top fighter who would agree to enter the ring. Devin chased Lomachenko on the WBC line for a long time, but as you know, this fight slipped away. Then there was talk of Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez, and many people probably don’t realize this, but he was ready to fight these fights many years ago. But it’s all about how Devin Haney trained. When he was still a very green fighter, his father took him to train in Mexico. Everyone talks about the experience of Jorge Linares. But at the same time, Devin Haney’s experience is underestimated. “

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