Election winner Boiko Borissow offers expert government


A cabinet of experts is supposed to lead Bulgaria out of the corona crisis. That is what election winner Boiko Borissow suggested. But he needs coalition partners who like his idea.

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has offered the other parties the formation of an expert government after the likely victory of his bourgeois party in the parliamentary elections. “I propose peace to you – let’s use experts and take responsibility by December to cope with the (corona) pandemic so that things can look up again,” said Borissov on Monday night. According to opinion polls, his party GERB will remain the strongest political force with 25 percent after the election on Sunday, but is facing complicated negotiations for a new government coalition. The final result is expected by Thursday.

Borisov did not explain in detail which experts could be appointed to such a government. In addition to his party, six other parties, including three protest parties, are forecast to move into the new parliament. Borissov said in a video published on Facebook: “You have no expertise, (no) people, you should learn, but we have enormous potential.”

The 61-year-old has ruled the poorest EU country with one break since 2009. He is pleased that so many parties are now entering parliament because he is tired of “being solely responsible”. But it was ridiculous to have the right to speak in the name of the people with five or nine percent of the vote, said Borissov, alluding to the protest parties. “Stand up! Mafiosi out!” and Democratic Bulgaria.

Forming a government will not be easy

After the election it became apparent that in future seven parties would be represented in parliament, but their programs could hardly be agreed. The populist party “There is such a people” of TV presenter and cabaret artist Slavi Trifonov has no program at all – it wants to change the political system. It is therefore questionable whether Borisov can now forge a fourth government. The head of his previous coalition partner from the nationalist WMRO, Krassimir Karakachanov, and the co-chairman of the protest coalition Democratic Bulgaria (DB), Hristo Ivanov, did not rule out new elections.

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