“Elections are decided”: business leaders appeal to Trump


“Elections are decided”
Economic bosses appeal to Trump

If the US Congress is supposed to confirm the result of the presidential election on Wednesday, some Republicans will be opposed. Business leaders appeal to the sanity of Trump and his remaining allies.

More than 170 top executives from US corporations have asked Congressmen in an open letter to quickly confirm the result of the presidential election. Attempts to hinder or delay this process would be contrary to the “essential basic values ​​of our democracy”, it said in the appeal published on Monday (local time) in New York.

The signatories include the heads of the financial giants Goldman Sachs and Blackrock as well as the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. “The presidential elections have been decided, and it is time for this country to move forward,” said the letter organized by the lobbying organization Partnership for New York City. The business leaders are calling on incumbent Donald Trump and his supporters in the Republican Party to give up their opposition to the election result and to allow an orderly handover to the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden by the Democrats without delay.

The US Congress is due to confirm the election results this Wednesday. Several Republicans in the House of Representatives and Senate announced that they would vetoes against the results of individual states – but this would only delay approval by a few hours.

In a campaign appearance ahead of the US Senate runoff elections in Georgia, Trump reiterated his unsubstantiated election fraud allegations and called on MPs and Senators to appeal against the certification of the results on Wednesday. He made it clear that he is counting on the support of Vice President Mike Pence. Pence is President of the Senate and will chair the joint session of the two chambers of Congress on Wednesday. “I hope our great Vice President will stand up for us,” said Trump. “He’s a great guy. If he doesn’t get involved, I won’t like him that much, of course.”

Joe Biden had clearly won the presidential election against incumbent Trump and is due to be sworn in on January 20. Trump still refuses to admit defeat. He has not yet presented any evidence of alleged election fraud.

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