Elizabeth Hurley’s son cheered me up, but the fans rejoiced early


Damian Hurley appeared bald in the new photo.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damian is gaining public attention in an androgynous way. The young fashion model has a bright and expressive appearance, which is emphasized by a luxurious long hair. Fans often compare Damian to his famous beauty mom. In photos on his Instagram account, he often appears in gentle romantic images and focuses on long hair.

Damian recently posted a shot that caused a violent reaction from his subscribers: in the photo, Hurley’s son appeared bald. The first reaction of users was a shock: “He shaved his head ?!”, “I’m in shock”, “Isn’t it too early for April Fools’ jokes?” Many noted that without long hair, Damian looks more masculine and interesting, but still remains charming.

However, after a while Damian updated the publication and explained that in fact he did not part with his hair – he just tried on such an image for a new project. But now he knows how users would rate him in this form.

“I love you guys so much ha ha ha. But I’m not bald. This is a bald patch for a new project But thanks for your lovely comments. Now there is a temptation to do it in reality, ”wrote Hurley’s son in his microblog.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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