Elizabeth Hurley’s son got into trouble with inheritance

Elizabeth Hurley’s son got into trouble with inheritance

The young man’s mother has already spoken out on the topic of what happened.

The handsome son of Elizabeth Hurley became a participant in a large-scale scandal. The young man was excluded from the list of heirs of his father – businessman Steve Bing, who not so long ago tragically passed away. Bing passed away in June 2020 at the age of 55. He left a huge legacy to his family, and also managed to establish trust funds for his children, Damian and 23-year-old Kira Kerkorian, Bing’s daughter from tennis player Lisa Bonder.

Recently it became known that Damian lost the opportunity to claim his own dad’s money at the request of his grandfather – Peter Bing. During the life of his son, Peter tried to deprive his grandchildren of funds, but then Stephen won the case.

Elizabeth Hurley was one of the first to speak about the situation. She stated that she was shocked by the incident.

“When Stephen committed suicide, he died thinking that his children would be taken care of. What Stephen wanted is now brutally changed. I know Stephen would be devastated, ”Hellomagazine quotes her as saying.

On the Web, the actions of the famous grandfather were also condemned.

“This is all just disgusting,” “Voila, my grandfather in one move deprived his bastard grandson of his inheritance. Here is an example for women when a man does not call them to marry “,” And Stephen’s dad is still that cunning beetle “,” As for me, the situation is very muddy, “wrote those who were not indifferent.

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