Elizabeth II will pay generously to protect the honor of Prince Andrew

Elizabeth II will pay generously to protect the honor of Prince Andrew

The enterprising American accuses the Duke of York of rape.

$ 2,000 an hour: Elizabeth II will pay generously to protect the honor of Prince Andrew

Virginia is American. The suit was formally confirmed by a joint agreement signed by the prince’s attorney, approved by a federal judge in Manhattan, and filed in a public court record on Tuesday.

A few days after the lawsuit was made public, news began to emerge that Her Majesty had agreed to pay her son’s legal fees. It was during this time that Andrew’s legal team was augmented by Melissa Lerner and Andrew Brettler.

Prince Andrew is allegedly being charged $ 2,000 an hour to defend the law firm Lavely & Singer, according to The Telegraph.

$ 2,000 an hour: Elizabeth II will pay handsomely to defend Prince Andrew's honor

After the duke’s disastrous interview with the BBC, which drew sharp criticism that in it Andrew was supposedly insensitive to the victims of Epstein, the prince resigned from his royal duties and went into the shadows.

According to The Telegraph, Her Majesty pays her son’s royalties from the personal private estate of the Duchy of Lancaster. When asked by FoxNews about the reliability of this information, the Queen’s representatives declined to comment. The only official comment on behalf of the royal palace is:

“It is categorically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Jduffre. Any claim to the contrary is false and unfounded. “

The court documents on the lawsuit state that the Duke of York first challenged its acceptance, and then, on September 21, the lawyers spoke on the phone and signed an agreement three days later.

Actually, in the lawsuit, Virginia accuses Andrew of repeated acts of violence in 2001, when she was less than 18 (why she talked to him in this case – the alleged victim does not tell). The Duke’s lawyer called these accusations unfounded.

Responses to the lawsuits are due by October 29, and the first hearing is scheduled for November 3.

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