Emily Ratzkowski determined the gender of her baby, despite promises


The model still revealed the gender of the baby.

Emily Ratzkowski, 29, recently became a mother. Despite the birth of a child, the model actively maintains her Instagram and shares new photos with subscribers. Recently, the star shared a picture in which she feeds her baby. “Lovely boy,” she signed the photo. The fans were very surprised by such a signature, because even a few months before the birth, Ratazhkovsky and her husband Sebastian Bier-McClard promised not to determine the sex of the child in any way so that he could choose him for his majority.

“… We answered that we would not find out the sex of our child until his 18th birthday – until he himself determines it to us. Everyone laughs at it, but there is truth in our words. We really don’t know who’s growing in my belly. Who will this person be? How will he change our lives? I want to be a parent who will allow his child to show himself as he is, ”the model said then. But when it became known that the model named the first child Sylvester, many fans suggested that a boy was born.

The star has already shown fans her figure after giving birth. Only a couple of weeks have passed since the birth of the baby, but Emily is in excellent physical shape. Some users criticized the celebrity, because they believed that other girls may begin to suffer from complexes due to imperfections in the figure after childbirth.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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