Eminem’s daughter in a short top could not hide her lush bust

Eminem’s daughter in a short top could not hide her lush bust

Beautiful Hailey with a glass in her hand conquers social networks with candid pictures.

Hayley Jade Scott Mathers is enjoying summer to the fullest! The daughter of American rapper Eminem posted pictures of sipping a cocktail while sitting in a wicker chair.

Haley wears an ultra-short white long-sleeved plunging neck top and high-waisted jeans. A miniature raspberry handbag added bright colors to the image.

“If you don’t drink cocktails on the patio, then where are you,” the girl signed the post.

In the comments, Hayley’s subscribers admired her beauty.

“She’s so hot,” “You look amazing,” “Beauty,” “Hayley has grown up,” “Looks like her father,” the fans noted.

Hayley is the only natural daughter of a rapper who became famous under the pseudonym Eminem. Her mother, Kimberly Ann Scott, twice married a hip-hop artist, but the couple’s second attempt to start a family ended in divorce.

Haley decided not to follow in her father’s footsteps, but studied at the Faculty of Psychology at Michigan State University.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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