Emma Corrin, who played Diana in The Crown, decided to become a man

Emma Corrin, who played Diana in The Crown, decided to become a man

The actress announced her difficult decision on Instagram.

Actress Emma Corrin, who played the role of Princess Diana, announced that she wants to become a man. The celebrity published a scandalous revelation on her personal page on Instagram the other day.

After Corrin appeared in a big series dedicated to the royal family, she gained great popularity. Fans wanted to know how and how their favorite lives. Corrin took advantage of this, claiming that she was “in search of gender identity.”

“This is something new, very intimate, very cool. Lots of twists and turns and rightly so. Accept me like this, ”she wrote.

In the profile header, Corrin added the pronoun “he / it”. Fans are worried that Emma has already managed to remove her breasts, since there are no forms in the last pictures.

Corrin now risks losing the love of her audience forever. Emma became the third foreign celebrity in recent years who decided on this. Demi Lovato and Elliot Page have already announced their gender neutrality earlier.

Photo source: Legion-media

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