Emma Roberts celebrated her 30th birthday with humor


At the end of last year, the actress first became a mother.

Recently famous actress Emma Roberts turned 30 years old. In the Instagram account of the star of “American Horror Story” there was a photo in which Roberts holds a pacifier in his teeth. “A thirty-year-old child,” she captioned her picture.

Fans and colleagues in the comments congratulated the star on the anniversary and wished the baby health. “Happy birthday, young mom!”, “Health to the child and mom!”, “Wonderful mommy!” – commented stars and fans on the publication of Emma.

Roberts first became a mom and gave birth to Rhodes’ son Robert Hedlund by her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund late last year. In January, the actress first shared a photo of the newborn Rhodes on her Instagram.

Last year, due to pregnancy, Emma Roberts practically did not participate in any television projects. But soon the star will return to the screens again. A film with Emma called “Robots” will be released this year. He talks about a couple of scammers using their robot counterparts to rob the rich. However, things get more complicated when their robots meet and fall in love. Mechanical androids are on the run from their owners, who must now join forces to regain control of the robots before the authorities discover their criminal activity.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ksenia Antonenko

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