Enact stricter corona rules: Trump adviser railed against the governor

Enact stricter corona rules: Trump adviser railed against the governor

A few weeks ago, a group was arrested apparently trying to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Whitmer. The Democrat had previously adopted corona measures that were criticized by US President Trump. His new favorite Corona advisor is now again distributing against the politician.

Michigan state governor Gretchen Whitmer has defended tougher measures to contain the corona pandemic. “We are in the worst weeks of this pandemic. We have been through this for nine months and at the moment the numbers are worse than ever, and so we have to take aggressive action,” Whitmer told MSNBC.

Given the “power vacuum” in Washington, it is up to the governors to do everything possible to save lives and to follow the advice of health professionals, said Whitmer. Throughout the USA, the number of new infections detected within 24 hours has been more than 100,000 for almost two weeks. Several states had tightened corona measures over the weekend. In Michigan, restaurants are initially only allowed to sell outside the home. Those who can should work from home.

The corona advisor Scott Atlas, a radiologist, currently preferred by the incumbent US President Donald Trump, then tweeted: “It will only end when people get up.” Atlas opposes such restrictions and questions the usefulness of masks. The tweet was also explosive because just a few weeks ago a group was arrested that, according to investigators, wanted to kidnap Whitmer because of previous corona measures and is said to have planned a storm on parliament in Lansing.

Atlas later wrote that he did not want to incite violence. Whitmer said Atlas’ tweet took her breath away. The renowned US immunologist Anthony Fauci, who is also a member of the Corona working group of the White House, criticized Atlas’ remarks: “I absolutely disagree with the position he is taking.”

Trump himself had raised the mood against Democrat Whitmer in the end of the election campaign in mid-October. “You have to get your governor to open up your state,” he called out to his supporters during a performance in Michigan. Thereupon his followers chanted: “Lock them up!” Trumps said, “Lock them all up.”

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