End of the Marvel era? Robert Downey Jr. made fans panic

End of the Marvel era?  Robert Downey Jr. made fans panic

The actor who played the role of Iron Man has unsubscribed from colleagues.

Robert Downey Jr. has sparked rumors about the termination of work at Marvel. Fans of the film franchise are panicking: did Downey forever refuse to cooperate with a large company?

The other day, Iron Man fans noticed that Downey unsubscribed from all his colleagues – from Tom Holland and even from Chris Evans, with whom he is very friendly. Separately, the fans were frightened by the fact that the demonstrative reply took place against the background of the approaching premiere of “Black Widow” with Scarlett Johansson.

“This looks like the end of the Marvel era,” they said on the web.

It is noteworthy that fans immediately began to write Downey, demanding to urgently reunite with the cast. The actor himself will no longer play the role of Iron Man in the MCU, but noticed that his return is quite possible.

Until recently, Downey Jr. closely followed his co-stars on social networks and constantly commented on their posts. Fans hope that some trick was the reason for unsubscribing and the actor will soon reveal all the cards.

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