Eva Green admired the astronauts after filming in a heavy spacesuit

Eva Green admired the astronauts after filming in a heavy spacesuit

In the film “Proxima”, the actress played an astronaut.

In last year’s dramatic film Proxima, Eva Green reincarnated as the astronaut Sarah. According to the plot, she also had to wear a space suit. In a recent interview, the 40-year-old actress admitted for the first time how physically difficult it was for her to do it.

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“It’s extremely heavy. This is why these guys need to be very strong. They also need to be extremely calm. Psychologically, they are made of steel. They are strong in every way, ”Eva said.

The actress remembered the scene from the tape when her character goes under water. The training sessions lasted eight hours, in fact, simulating what happens in space. Green’s character fulfills her cherished dream of becoming an astronaut by traveling to Mars, but for this she has to leave her eight-year-old daughter Stella. The actress remembered that she cried when she read the script.

“It was such a strong love story between a mother and daughter. And, of course, the fact that I was an astronaut adds to the conflict, “Eva admitted, noting that she immediately had a good feeling about the project, as she felt a connection with the heroine, which does not happen on every set.

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