Evander Holyfield doubts he will fight with Tyson after Jones: “Mike will have nothing left”


Former two-weight world champion Evander Holyfield doesn’t really believe that his trilogy with Mike Tyson is destined to take place. The legendary veteran believes that after the show fight with Roy Jones, Iron Mike will lose the excitement with which he is now rushing into the ring.

“The fact that Mike decided to fight Jones first. I’m sure I should have been the first. These are murky waters. My point is that if they fight each other first, I don’t think Tyson’s second fight will be against me. ”The thing is, it doesn’t matter anymore, because Mike has nothing left.

The most important thing is what happens when we enter the ring. Fans do not want to pay only for the fight, they want to see something interesting. People want to look at something, they want to look at their rivals. Yes, the fans understand that now we are old, but it’s not just about how much they will pay for the trilogy.

I really think that our fight with Tyson should have been arranged first, because at our age you can only have one attempt. You may not get the second one. I’m 58, and he is 54! I have to be first, not second, “Evander Holyfield told The Sun.

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