Evander Holyfield: “I believe our fight with Tyson will bring in $ 200 million”


Former two-weight world champion Evander Holyfield says his team is continuing negotiations for an exhibition match with Mike Tyson.

“I can tell you that my team is talking to Mike’s managers, so I’m waiting for a decision. Right now there is a dialogue between them. I’m still training for this and I know that one day, when we agree, I will be ready to fight Tyson. I’m doing well.

My credo is always to help people. I try to respond to good with kindness. When I get the opportunity, I want to make the most of it. I believe that if I fight Tyson, then our fight will bring $ 200 million.

This will be the biggest fight. It’s true. I think Mike has already heard my message. If he intends to do it, then he will, and if not, then no. Now he needs to make a decision, we both need to make a deal, “Evander Holyfield told The Sun.

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