events in Venezuela – the Maduro regime’s misinformation campaign

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The U.S. foreign policy department has denied Washington’s involvement in the attempted infiltration of mercenaries.

The United States has nothing to do with the latest events in Venezuela, the State Department said on Wednesday.

“Maduro’s regime has a large disinformation campaign, which makes it difficult to separate facts from propaganda. We are making efforts to learn more, including about the activities of two U.S. citizens who are reportedly in the custody of the regime, as well as about the activities of Mr. Gudro,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The State Department noted that “they will carefully study the role of the Maduro regime in this melodrama and especially the role of the very large Cuban intelligence apparatus in Venezuela. The history of lies and manipulations on the part of Maduro and his accomplices, as well as their highly questionable depiction of details, prove that nothing should be taken for granted when we see the distortion of facts. It is clear that the former regime is using this event to justify the increased level of repression.

SilverCorp USA, whose chief executive Jordan Goodreaux admitted to being behind the operation, deleted its social media pages after information about its involvement in the events in Venezuela appeared.

Florida International University expert Alexander Crowther notes that planning by U.S. citizens to overthrow a foreign government is a violation of the Neutrality Act of 1794. He adds that the U.S. uses diplomatic measures to resolve crises, as it did, for example, in Venezuela.

“The United States Government supports the Lima Group, a group of Latin American countries that also includes Canada, which seeks to work internationally to find a solution to the Venezuelan problem. So this [events in Venezuela] is clearly not an American government operation,” says Alexander Crowter.

He also stresses that “the Cubans are running the internal security apparatus in Venezuela. Cuban intelligence, the Cuban Ministry of the Interior – all of them have been working with the Venezuelan security services since Chavez.

Alexander Crowther adds that the latest developments in Venezuela

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