Ex-campaign manager has theory: Was Trump’s lack of empathy the problem?


Ex-campaign manager has theory
Was Trump’s lack of empathy the problem?

In the US presidential election, President Trump won more votes than in 2016 – and yet he lost. His former campaign manager says that if he had done one thing differently, a landslide victory would have been possible.

In the opinion of his former election campaign manager, the incumbent US President Donald Trump could have won with a “landslide victory” against Joe Biden if he had shown empathy in the corona pandemic. “I think people were scared,” said Brad Parscale on Tuesday (local time) in an interview with Fox News. It was a mistake to press for the economy to reopen while people were scared.

Brad Parscale led Trump’s election campaign until the middle of the year, when he was dismissed.

(Foto: picture alliance / Albin Lohr-Jo)

Parscale suggested that many potential voters wanted to experience a sensitive president, which is what he told Trump. “He chose a different route.” Trump has often downplayed the danger of the coronavirus and, contrary to the advice of health experts, held meetings with large numbers of people both in the White House and during the election campaign. He did this after he himself fell ill with Covid-19 in early October and was treated in hospital for it.

Parscale led Trump’s ultimately failed re-election efforts until mid-July and was replaced by Bill Stepien. His dismissal came as a surprise to him, said Parsacale. “Nobody told me that I should change anything in my work.” The decision hurt him.

Biden relied fully on empathy

The USA has been hit harder by the corona pandemic than any other country in the world. Almost 14 million infections were registered and around 270,000 people died. The topic dominated the election campaign. Election winner Biden sharply attacked Trump for his management of the pandemic, accusing him of not listening to the advice of scientists and experts.

He also put empathy and empathy at the center of his election campaign. He presented himself as a listener who understands people’s pain. For example, he often mentioned “the empty spaces at the kitchen table” that relatives of deceased Covid-19 sufferers would have to deal with. His biography, which was shaped by personal strokes of fate, gave him credibility. His wife and a daughter had a fatal accident at a young age, and in 2015 one of his adult sons died of a brain tumor.

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