Ex-head of state Evo Morales wants to go back to Bolivia

Ex-head of state Evo Morales wants to go back to Bolivia

Bolivia’s ex-head of state will return to Bolivia from exile after the election victory of his party colleague. He had resigned and left the country on charges of manipulation.

Bolivia’s ex-president Evo Morales traveled to Venezuela from his Argentine exile, according to media reports. Morales started on Friday afternoon (local time) with a plane from the international airport in Buenos Aires for the flight to Caracas, reported the state-run Argentine news agency Telam. After his party colleague Luis Arce’s victory in the presidential election last weekend, Morales announced that he would return to Bolivia.

Mass protests and pressure from the army

According to Argentine media reports, Morales’ flight back to Buenos Aires is scheduled for Sunday. The first indigenous president of Bolivia resigned after a re-election overshadowed by allegations of manipulation in the face of mass protests and under pressure from the army at the end of last year. He then went into exile in Argentina.

On Friday, the Bolivian electoral court confirmed the victory of left-wing Luis Arce in last weekend’s presidential election. Arce, who like Morales belongs to the Movement for Socialism (MAS), got 55 percent of the vote.

The conservative ex-president Carlos Mesa achieved almost 29 percent of the vote, the right-wing conservative candidate Luis Fernando Camacho got 14 percent. After Arce’s election victory, Morales said he wanted to return to Bolivia as soon as possible.

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