“Ex” Lopez caught red-handed

“Ex” Lopez caught red-handed

Judging by the “hot” photo, Alex Rodriguez no longer intends to return J. Lo.

Former Jennifer Lopez boyfriend Alex Rodriguez was caught by the paparazzi. After Lopez went to Ben Affleck, Rodriguez suffered for a long time and could not find a place for himself. The athlete even tried to break into a party to which he was not invited, because J. Lo was there.

Many fans hoped that Alex would be able to get what he wanted, and he would beat the singer away from Affleck. However, apparently, the athlete no longer wants to fight for Lopez’s heart.

The other day, Rodriguez was caught in the company of beauties in a tiny bikini on a yacht in Saint-Tropez. The girls literally curled around the handsome man, despite the fact that many of Rodriguez’s friends were witnesses, reports PageSix.

Not long grieved:

Photographers managed to capture how Rodriguez enjoys the company of one of the ladies. He looked quite happy.

Not long grieved:

Lopez herself, meanwhile, is officially published with Affleck. In the near future, lovers are predicting a wedding.

Photo source: Legion-media

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