Ex-model admits affair with Boris Johnson

Ex-model admits affair with Boris Johnson

Rumors have been going around for a long time that Boris Johnson, while he was mayor, gave an ex-model business advantages. But apparently there was more, as the woman now suggested.

The US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri has admitted, according to the Daily Mail, to have had an affair with Boris Johnson. The British Prime Minister was Mayor of London at the time. He was later accused of illegally allowing the ex-model to receive funding and to take part in trips.

An independent regulator investigated these allegations and decided last May not to investigate. The authority did not rule out an affair.

October 2019, London: An anti-Brexit protester shows a poster with a picture that shows Johnson and Arcuri together. (Source: PRiME Media Images / imago images)

“That goes without saying.”

Arcuri himself has so far only made hints. When asked by the Daily Mail whether she had an affair with Johnson, she replied, according to the newspaper, more specifically: “That goes without saying.” Johnson was Mayor of the UK capital from 2008 to 2016 and was married to Marina Wheeler at the time.

In a BBC interview a year ago, Arcuri had indicated that her relationship with Johnson was not purely platonic. In another media report, she confirmed that she had saved Johnson on her cell phone under the name “Alexander the Great”.

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