Fabio Wardley knocks out Eric Molina in the fifth round


The co-main fight of a big evening of boxing from the promotion company Matchroom Boxing has just ended in Gibraltar, in which British heavyweight prospect Fabio Wardley fought with American ex-title challenger Eric Molina.

After the starting bell, Wardley immediately seized the initiative, but in the first round the underdog hit him unpleasantly from the right several times. The favorite boxed arrogantly with his hands down, occasionally missing Molina’s punches.

In the third round, Wardley took the jab, but Molina kept snapping. In the last minute of this round, the Briton shook his opponent with a right hand. Molina, for some unknown reason, turned his back and began to retreat into a corner, almost finding himself on the canvas under the onslaught of Wardley.

In the next three minutes, Wardley knocked down the tired Molina in the fight, but the referee decided not to count the knockdown. In the fifth round, the American still managed to punish Wardley with a powerful right hand. Seeing that the Briton was shaken, Molina rushed to finish, but missed a crushing blow to meet. The ex-challenger collapsed onto the canvas and was unable to continue the fight.

Fight result: Fabio Wardley defeated Eric Molina by KO in the fifth round

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