Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg warns of unrest after the US election

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg warns of unrest after the US election

The founder of the social network Facebook is concerned that there could be riots after the election next week. Companies like his would have to do a lot more than before.

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A few days before the US presidential election, the head of the online network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, warned of possible unrest after the vote. “I am concerned that in such a divided nation there is a risk of social unrest,” Zuckerberg said on Thursday. He warned against the background that the vote count could possibly drag on for weeks. The choice is also “a test” for Facebook.

Companies like Facebook would have to “go far beyond what we’ve done so far,” added Zuckerberg. “I also know that our work doesn’t stop after November 3rd.”

Major online platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are under massive pressure ahead of the US presidential election to take action against voter manipulation and false information. In the past few months, they have increasingly taken measures against inciting, manipulative and misleading messages on their platforms.

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