fan told about meeting with Jason State


The girl met the actor when, with a hangover, she went to the store for ginger.

A subscriber to the Instagram account OverheadCelebs, where people share stories of meeting celebrities, told how she once ran into Jason State in a supermarket.

The girl saw the actor at the Whole Foods store, which specializes in healthy foods. “I was then studying at Tulane University [в Новом Орлеане]… One day I woke up with a terrible hangover. I had a stomach ache and decided to get out to Whole Foods for the ginger root. I went to the vegetable department to get the ginger, but someone took the last one right in front of me. It was Jason State, ”the girl began.

The actor noticed her and asked: “Do you have a stomach ache too?” Despite her condition, the author of the story realized that she could not miss the moment and be left without a photo with Jason. “I asked him to take a photo right on the spot. He also gave me the ginger, ”the user shared and accompanied her story with a photo of the actor from the supermarket.

“That’s what you successfully went to the store!”, “Sounds like the beginning of a romantic comedy”, “God, how nice it is to read such stories”, “If I were you, I would have fainted immediately. Right there, on the floor “,” Apparently, this meeting has cured you – it is not clear that you have a terrible hangover, “the readers comment on the story.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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