fans supported Lana Del Rey after devastating criticism


Today’s cancellation culture is forcing fans of the accused stars to unite like never before.

On TikTok, a movement of fans of Lana Del Rey, which they call #LanaCult (“The Cult of Lana”), is gaining momentum. The trend is that the singer’s supporters are changing their profile pictures to an image with Lana in the background of the explosion, actively commenting on publications with Del Rey’s participation and encouraging all fans to subscribe to each other and unite. Some fan comments say, “Lana is coming! Repent to our mistress and savior, before it’s too late! “

This is probably due to the hate wave that recently hit the singer. In January, Lana presented the cover of her new album to fans, for which she posed with a group of close friends. Some users accused Del Rey of discriminating against colored people, because they were not noticed among her friends in the photo. Lana had to explain: “It was not intentional, here are my best friends. And yes, there are colored people in this photo. My beautiful friend Valerie from Del Rio Mexico City, dear Alex, amazing Dakota Rain and my dear Tatiana. We are all a wonderful mixture of everything. “

And last year Lana was accused of extolling the passive and “old-fashioned” behavior of women, in other words, romanticizing the infringement of women’s rights. Then the singer wrote a letter in which she stood up for the “fragile” women: “Since Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and others sing about sexuality, nudity, sex, infidelity, and so on, I can return to my themes – about the beauty of falling in love with imperfect relationships, about dancing for money? I’m just a romantic person and I’m singing about what we are all seeing now – abusive relationships around the world. I am not a feminist, but there should be a place in feminism for women like me. Those who say “no”, but men hear “yes”. The kind who are judged for being real, thin and fragile. Those whose voices are drowned out by stronger women and misogynists. “

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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