Fear of delta variant | USA: Joe Biden asks for a $ 100 vaccination reward

Fear of delta variant |  USA: Joe Biden asks for a $ 100 vaccination reward

US President Joe Biden now wants to give his citizens cash in hand if they get vaccinated. The financial incentive is intended to stop the further spread of the delta variant. An amount has already been determined.

To raise the vaccination quota in the US, President Joe Biden is demanding a reward of US $ 100 for each person newly vaccinated. States, counties and municipalities should use the remaining funds from the stimulus package from March, the US Treasury Department said on Thursday. This should be “an extra incentive to increase the vaccination rate, protect our communities and save lives,” it said.

The ministry stands ready to support the local governments in the implementation. The stimulus package included US $ 350 billion in aid for states, counties and municipalities, which are often not yet fully called up or planned. However, many states and municipalities have already offered numerous incentives to increase the vaccination rate, including millions in profits, bonds or a reward for all vaccinated.

Delta variant reason for “pandemic of the unvaccinated”

According to President Joe Biden, the number of daily new corona infections in the USA will continue to rise. According to experts, the numbers would continue to rise before any improvement could occur, Biden warned on Thursday in the White House. He therefore urged all Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus as quickly as possible. The delta variant is “highly contagious” and leads to many infections among the unvaccinated. It is now a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” in the USA, stressed Biden.

In the United States, only 49 percent of the population of around 330 million people have been fully vaccinated to date. Most recently, the number of daily new corona infections rose again to around 60,000 on average because of the particularly contagious Delta variant.

Compulsory vaccination for soldiers checked

According to the President’s Office, the US Department of Defense should check when a compulsory vaccination for US soldiers will be introduced. President Joe Biden will issue instructions later that day, it said. In addition, all federal employees should report their vaccination status. Unvaccinated people would then have to wear masks, keep their distance and undergo regular tests.

Federal employees must provide proof of vaccination

Biden has also tightened regulations for federal employees. The agency employees have to prove their full vaccination or wear masks continuously and have themselves tested regularly, as the president announced on Thursday.

“We have the means to prevent this new wave of Covid from having to close our businesses, schools, our society, as we did last year,” said Biden. According to the White House, all four million federal employees and local contractors will be “asked to provide evidence of their vaccination status.”

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