Federal government condemns demonstration of Roman Protassewitsch

Federal government condemns demonstration of Roman Protassewitsch

The blogger Roman Protassewitsch, who was imprisoned in Belarus, had tearfully confessed to his actions. The federal government strongly condemns the “implausible confession interview”.

The federal government has condemned the renewed screening of the imprisoned Belarusian blogger Roman Protassewitsch to an obviously forced confession in front of the camera “in the strongest possible way.”

“After a forced landing, probably under false pretenses, an unpleasant oppositional journalist is kidnapped from an airplane together with his partner, is put behind bars and is processed there so psychologically and possibly also physically that he makes this completely unworthy and unbelievable confession – There is an interview, “said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Friday in Berlin.

Confession with tears

“That is a shame for the station that broadcasts it and for the Belarusian leadership, which once again shows all their contempt for democracy and, actually, one must also say, contempt for people,” said Seibert. The thoughts of the federal government are with Protassevich and all other citizens of Belarus, who are treated inhumanely for their convictions and a peaceful struggle for civil rights.

On Thursday evening the state broadcaster ONT had one in Belarus one and a half hour broadcast broadcast in which Protassevich himself Tears confesses to having organized unauthorized mass protests against the head of state Alexander Lukashenko. He retracted his criticism of Lukashenko: “As I became more involved in politics, I began to understand that he (Lukashenko) was doing the right thing, and I definitely respect him.”

Lukashenko had forced a passenger plane to land in Minsk almost two weeks ago and had Protassevich and his girlfriend arrested. The incident has exacerbated the conflict between the former Soviet republic and the West.

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