Fedor Chudinov and Isaac Chilemba could not determine the winner


The Kings of the Rings boxing evening ended at the Vegas City Hall in Krasnogorsk, the main event of which was the fight between the WBA Gold middleweight champion Fedor Chudinov and former world title challenger Isaac Chilemba.

The Russian immediately showed who is the owner of the ring by taking the initiative into his own hands. Chilemba snapped back with a jab. The Malawian fighter worked in a variety of ways, combining uppercuts with side punches. Chudinov attacked well at the end of the second round, holding the opponent by the ropes.

Chudinov put pressure on the opponent, but sometimes he went forward without blows. In the meantime, Chilemba’s bad was working properly. The Russian achieved success when he managed to catch an opponent near the ropes, but the Malawian was more successful at a distance.

In the fifth round, Chudinov reported the right side, after which Chilembu was led to the side. In the next round, Isaac returned the favor, forcing Chudinov to bend after hitting the body. After the equator, Chilemba began to slow down, but the Russian boxer also did not move forward as actively as before. In the eighth round, Chudinov stepped up, pressing Chilemba near the ropes and throwing a series of punches. In the next three minutes, the Russian continued to work in a similar vein, but Chilemba did not shrink under pressure, responding with his punches.

In the final round, the boxers made an exchange, responding with blow for blow. In the end, Chudinov managed to shake Chilemba, but he no longer had time to develop the attack. At the end of 10 rounds, the opinions of the judges were divided, as a result of which the result of the fight was a draw.

Fight result: Fedor Chudinov and Isaac Chilemba drew the fight (97-93, 95-95, 94-97)

Video of the fight Fedor Chudinov – Isaac Chilemba

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